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There are more than 1.83 billion websites worldwide. The majority pursue commercial purposes. If you don't want to get lost in the masses, you have to actively pursue SEO. No idea how to proceed? 


No problem, we will help you and show you how you can positively influence your Google ranking!

The key word is "SEO texts". They enrich your website with content and are written in such a way that users get added value from them - an unbeatable combination that goes down well with Google crawlers AND customers.

However, the level is now so high that good content is no longer enough. You need TOP content that goes far beyond mediocrity to knock the frontrunners off their thrones. Our team is specialised in the creation of content assets and makes you SEO successful.

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What is an SEO text?

For many marketers, the word "SEO text" is a real nightmare, because the term has long had a bitter aftertaste. After all, content was characterised by keyword stuffing for a long time. This means that relevant search terms were analysed and integrated into the text flow in MASSES.


The result delivered an excellent ranking, but was hardly readable for the average consumer. When Google discovered this scam, the websites in question were punished and further ranking factors were developed to prevent such a procedure.


Meanwhile, SEO texts are considered to be what the name suggests: search engine optimised texts. In fact, however, the term encompasses much more than is visible at first glance. The aim of an SEO text should be to create unique content from relevant search terms, which, in addition to the search intention, also focuses on branding and corporate identity.


The content must therefore master the balancing act of being understood by Google, being read enthusiastically by the user and representing the brand. You see, the discipline of "SEO texts" is more complicated than one might think.

The different variants of SEO texts

SEO texts are designed to achieve a better ranking. However, since search queries do not always have the same purpose, a differentiation of SEO texts is necessary. In general, there are information-oriented, transaction-oriented and navigation-oriented search queries. With content tailored to these, it is possible to fulfil the wishes of the visitors and thus generate higher leads.

Informative SEO texts

Information-oriented search queries occur most frequently on the web. Users use the SERPs to deepen their knowledge and acquire knowledge. It also happens time and again that customers encounter problems in everyday life that they want to solve on their own. With the help of instructions, guides, glossary and encyclopaedia articles, they hope to be able to put their aspirations into practice.

Sales-promoting SEO texts

Furthermore, a lot of transaction-oriented searches are started. "Mobile phone contract", "insurance comparison", "flat Munich" or "tutoring French" are typical terms that are entered into the Google search bar. Customers scour the web for suitable offers and come across products or services through product descriptions, sales texts or category texts.

SEO texts to facilitate navigation

Some of your customers don't feel like searching your website for the service they want. For this reason, navigation-oriented search queries are used to be taken directly to the desired sub-page. This saves time and makes life easier.

Over 1000+ customers trust SEOfolgreich

Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself. Over 1000+ companies trust SEOfolgreich. We convince with competence and passion.
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This is what makes a good SEO text

If you want to write a good SEO text, you should bear in mind that you have to convince people - and not search engines - of your qualities. If you succeed in this step, your efforts will be rewarded by the search engines. The SEO content of the 21st century no longer focuses on keywords, proof terms or the number of words, but is really oriented towards the quality and relevance of the SEO texts. Accordingly, Google has also included factors such as backlinks in its ranking repertoire, which reflect the trustworthiness and relevance of texts. SEO-optimised texts that are readily and frequently referenced seem to be particularly user-friendly, informative and entertaining and are therefore well received by search engines and users alike.

The voices of our customers speak for us

Our holistic strategy allows us to achieve strong results with local businesses. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.
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"I came across SEOfolgreich on the recommendation of one of my clients. I have been looking in vain for a transparent SEO agency for years. With Timo & the SEOfolgreich team, I feel I'm in excellent hands for the requirements of an agency: friendly, uncomplicated, prompt, reliable and transparent. I get tailor-made solutions and without a doubt the best possible ones."
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"Top Local SEO Agency!
Every project was successful from A-Z. So far I have worked with many agencies in the field of SEO / Local but with seofolgreich it was uncomplicated, pleasant and just...SEO successful....;)
 - Thank you"

Patrick Zumstein

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"A great Local SEO agency in Munich. Their own listing tool is also excellent. So I have entered my company in all the important local directories and am listed everywhere, which has a noticeable effect on my ranking!

Samira Dalnodar

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"Thanks to seofolgreich, I have made it into the top 3 on Google with my website, both in normal search and on Maps (I'm at one there 🙂 ) a local seo investment that pays off. I get enquiries about it every week."

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About SEOfolgreich - Your sparring partner for Local SEO

Telephone directories are dying out - and conversely, the majority of local service providers act stepmotherly when it comes to their local online visibility. That's exactly what we're changing for you.

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SEOfolgreich is the result of 10 years of SEO experience combined in our very successful team of experts.

While search engine optimisation is labelled as seemingly the most unspectacular, long-winded and underestimated online marketing discipline, we have purposefully optimised more than 1000 websites in the last 10 years, both our own and those of our clients, and built several companies to 100% via organic visibility on Google.

What we enjoy is the process of "turning the tables" - slowly but surely drawing attention to ourselves with confident, realistic understatement. That - SEO - is our nature.

We are talking about the moment when sober SEO turns into an enquiry, turnover and success guarantor.
The moment when you, as an apparent underdog, rise to become an opinion leader and...

This is how a cooperation with us works

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Frequently asked questions about our SEO texts

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There is no universal answer to this question. The prices depend on the SEO agency or the SEO freelancer. As a rule, the costs result from the text length, as a fixed price per word is generally set.


But be careful!


There are big differences in the quality of the articles. Low prices should make you suspicious. It is advisable to invest one or two euros more and have an optimal result that really drives conversions.

In connection with SEO texts, the term "WDF*IDF" comes up again and again. The following words are hidden behind the abbreviations:


  • WDF: Word Document Frequency
  • IDF: Inverse Document Frequency


Ultimately, these complicated abbreviations refer to the keyword density in the text. It does not have to be just the main keyword, but can include related terms that occur frequently in conjunction with the keyword.

When it comes to copywriting, the rule is: as short as possible, as long as necessary! If the user starts an information-oriented search query, his or her primary goal is to get concrete answers. Accordingly, you should make sure that all topics are covered and that they really help the reader.


Extensive paraphrasing and rambling only lead to the user's frustration level rising and he/she looks for a better text from a competitor.

The word SEO is derived from English. In German, Search Engine Optimisation refers to all measures that contribute to achieving higher visibility in search engines.


Probably the best-known search engine is Google, which has drawn up a long list of ranking factors that determine the positioning of individual websites. Search engine optimisation now tries to design the websites in such a way that they meet the requirements of Google, Bing, Xing and Co. This requires so-called OffPage and OnPage optimisation.

To find the right keywords, you need to put yourself in the mindset of your customers. In which environment does the target group move? What are their interests? What topics might my target group be interested in?


These are questions you should ask yourself to find relevant keywords. Fortunately, nowadays there are tools that do this work for you.


Meta Title: Have SEO texts written for maximum visibility
Meta Description: Nowadays, SEO texts are the be-all and end-all of search engine optimisation. With optimised and appealing content, both visitor numbers and sales increase.

The World Wide Web is flooded with websites advertising one's own company. The multitude of providers is hardly manageable for the clientele and one can hardly save oneself from enquiries. It is important to explicitly draw attention to oneself and to find the right ways and means to achieve one's personal goals. In this sense, SEO optimisation is an absolute must nowadays.


Only with the help of sophisticated strategies and meticulously planned measures are you able to fight your way out of the depths of the web and into the sight of users. If you do without off-page and on-page optimisation, visitors will not come to your website and your sales will plummet. It is the search engines that direct users to your website. If you don't make any efforts to improve your ranking, you will wait in vain for traffic.


Good SEO texts are an effective method with guaranteed impact. If you apply SEO content in a high-quality form, you can enjoy numerous advantages:


  • Lead generation
  • improved Google ranking
  • increasing conversions
  • growing sales figures
  • Marketing support
  • Acquisition of advertising partners
  • Automatic generation of backlinks


Professional SEO texts are a good investment

Anyone can write, that's true. But good SEO copywriters are a true rarity. Google has shown more than clearly in recent years that it is not the texts alone that ensure high visitor numbers, greater reach and good visibility, but the focus is clearly on the quality, relevance and added value that optimised texts deliver.


While untrained copywriters fill their articles with useless filler words and uninteresting blah blah, SEO copywriters are focused on the search intention and the technical aspects of SEO texts. Every word sits and hits the target group directly in the heart

If you choose our support, you can expect measurable progress! In addition, you will benefit from the following aspects:


  • Time saving: Hand over the reins and let us take care of your SEO content creation. This frees up time for your own projects and allows you to put all your energy into realising your professional dreams.


  • Increase quality: Top optimised texts help you to make your website more attractive. With our expert and technically perfected articles, the length of stay of your customers increases, which has a positive effect on your Google ranking.


  • Leads: With the help of SEO texts, you will drive your traffic to unknown heights. Your statistics will clearly show the efficiency of our approach.


  • Brand Awareness: The higher your positioning in the search engines, the more visible you become for customers. With the concentrated help of SEOfolgreich, you will gain rank and name in the business market.


  • Deals: As your profile grows, more and more companies will take notice and offer you lucrative deals and business relationships.


Sales: SEO texts are small measures that can achieve big effects. If you concentrate on optimising your content, the increase in sales will not be long in coming.

The majority of companies first try to find an internal solution for writing their SEO texts. Inexperienced employees are entrusted with the task and get to work more badly than well. The cost-cutting measures then usually backfire. Valuable time was wasted that could have already been used to generate traffic. Moreover, internal resources were wasted for a poor result.


You will do yourself and your employees a big favour if you decide to have the SEO texts written by a professional hand. If you invest in an SEO agency like SEOfolgreich, you invest your budget in the right place. The money goes into high-quality content that will help you convince customers of your skills in the long run.


Search engine optimisation only with high-quality SEO texts

A website must be functional, have good technology and an appealing design. However, all these points take a back seat if the content is not suitable. Because visitors will only stay on the homepage if the content is target group-oriented.


The focus of search engine optimisation is accordingly on professional copywriting. Backlinks and many other ranking factors can only be realised with the right words.

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