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A press release is a great way to spread the latest news about your business and get quality backlinks at the same time! 


We at SEOfolgreich write, create and publish your press release on over 40 digital press portals. 


Hundreds of news agencies will digitally pick up your press release and reference your website, resulting in a multitude of high quality, diverse links from very authoritative, real news sites.


Spread your message now with relevant press releases.

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Your advantages of online press releases

Top reach with an optimally created press release. Book the press service of SEOfolgreich now.

Generation of backlinks

Hundreds of news outlets will digitally pick up your press release and reference your website, resulting in a multitude of high quality, diverse links from very authoritative, real news sites. These links bring authority, trust and variety to your link profile.

Spreading your message

Let the media distribute your messages nationwide through press releases and thus spread relevant topics from your industry and news about your company. Plus, customers love press releases and are impressed when you can show them the traction you've given them!

Link authority and more visibility

When your press release is picked up and published on trusted websites, you get high authority links from domains that have a DA of 10-90+! This means that you have just received some very authoritative and trustworthy links in the eyes of Google. Furthermore, this is a fantastic way to dilute your anchor texts.

Over 1000+ customers trust SEOfolgreich

Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself. Over 1000+ companies trust SEOfolgreich. We convince with competence and passion.
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Our holistic strategy allows us to achieve strong results with local businesses. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.
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About SEOfolgreich - Your sparring partner for Local SEO

Telephone directories are dying out - and conversely, the majority of local service providers act stepmotherly when it comes to their local online visibility. That's exactly what we're changing for you.

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SEOfolgreich is the result of 10 years of SEO experience combined in our very successful team of experts.

While search engine optimisation is labelled as seemingly the most unspectacular, long-winded and underestimated online marketing discipline, we have purposefully optimised more than 1000 websites in the last 10 years, both our own and those of our clients, and built several companies to 100% via organic visibility on Google.

What we enjoy is the process of "turning the tables" - slowly but surely drawing attention to ourselves with confident, realistic understatement. That - SEO - is our nature.

We are talking about the moment when sober SEO turns into an enquiry, turnover and success guarantor.
The moment when you, as an apparent underdog, rise to become an opinion leader and...

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Frequently asked questions about our press releases

A press release only serves its purpose if you understand how it works. The media world is all about breaking news and hot trends. To fill the newspapers, magazines and communication channels with exciting material, journalists and media officers scour press releases.


It looks for innovations and attractive news that will arouse the interest of the readers. If your press release is also attractively designed, only minor changes are made before it goes to print.

Press releases serve to draw the public's attention to upcoming events or a product. The aim is to inform, but also to arouse curiosity and increase buying interest. If you prepare well for the publication, the press release can be an effective means of increasing sales.


Depending on WHO you send your press release to, different rules apply. One thing is certain, however: you must give the journalists enough time to work through the text.


Thus, the relevance of the news item for the target group has to be weighed, corrections have to be made and the news item has to be included in the current planning. However, it happens again and again that unforeseen situations arise and the press editorial plan has to be redesigned.


For this reason, you should prepare the press release weeks before the event and forward it to the press offices. It is important that the news is up-to-date and that there are no changes.

Writing press releases is not a simple matter. You need the right technique and an intuitive feeling for words. Because if your writing style doesn't convince the journalists, your text will end up in the wastepaper basket.


Furthermore, the media place the highest value on content. The content of your text should captivate the intended target group and encourage them to read it. If it is just gobbledygook or if the advertising intention is too obvious, the reputation of the newspaper or magazine is at stake.

Our team is made up of creative minds and eloquent writers. With just a few pieces of information, we can transform incoherent words into exciting and attractive texts with wow factor. If you rely on our years of experience and comprehensive expertise, you can still expect to find

the following advantages:


  • convincing 1000-word press release with unique content
  • Publication on over 40 press portals such as GMB or Loocal
  • Gain backlinks
  • Reporting of press releases via PDF

The press release has not only been an effective means of increasing brand awareness since 2021. Writing press releases has a lasting impact on the success of your business. With the inclusion of print and online media, it is possible for you to strengthen the prominence of your own business. After all, readers trust the local press in particular and are happy to rely on journalists' recommendations.


So, if you keep getting a place in the headlines of the local media, the releases help to increase the visibility of your brand. Accordingly, the press release has an outstanding importance for the acquisition of new customers and thus for the increase in sales of your company.


Don't hesitate to contact SEOfolgreich if you have any questions about press releases. We are specialists in our field and the right contact for you and your company. During a first meeting, we can discuss your project and exchange initial facts and tips.

A press release can only reach its full potential if it is published in the right place. Your goals cannot be achieved if magazines with limited coverage print the release. Instead, you must hope for the help of influential editors and popular press outlets to reach as many readers as possible.


The optimal distribution of the press release is made possible by online portals, which already send the message to countless distribution lists.


If you decide to make use of the active support of SEOerfolgreich, not only regional journalists will have access to your press release, but we will also contact more than 40 press portals.

In common parlance, the press release is often confused with the press release. In fact, the two terms have a completely different meaning. The press release is written by journalists and contains news that is of interest to the public.


They are written concisely and briefly and provide general information.
In contrast, there is a company behind the press release. The text is written by an employee of a company and forwarded to the media.


It is a marketing tool designed to draw the attention of the target group to the products or services on offer. It is also possible to draw attention to upcoming openings, publications or events.

The KISS rule is an essential part of the press release. The acronym KISS stands for Keep It Short and Simple. This means that the text should be kept short and simple. The length is limited to one A4 page and contains all the necessary information.


Thus, an exciting headline arouses the reader's interest. A sub-headline provides a quick overview of the topic, which is complemented with a list of facts at the beginning of the body text. Following this, the W-questions are worked through and packaged in an appealing writing style.


Below the text, there is space for the logo, contact details and a concise presentation of the company.

The picture gives the editor a first impression of your press release and already forms his opinion.


For this reason, the image is of great importance and the choice should be made with care and consideration. There are three ways to add an appealing photo to your press release:


  • Product image: If the press release mainly deals with the presentation of a product, it makes sense to help the customer's imagination take flight. However, you should pay attention to a creative implementation and not attach an 0815 product image. Such an approach reduces the attractiveness of the press release and is an absolute no-go for many journalists.


  • Trigger Photo: Certain industries aim to evoke emotions in customers. For example, an action-packed photo can increase the sense of adventure and make customers want to try the product for themselves.
    Emotional complement: Some topics are difficult to cover with images. Accordingly, you should consider the areas of interest and preferences of your customers.


  • Take the target group into account. Students, for example, are easily carried away by atmospheric images. A photo of a celebration or a trip can inspire the desire to buy.

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