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For shops, local service providers and restaurants, a well-developed marketing concept is becoming increasingly important. While word of mouth and flyers served well in the past, nowadays more comprehensive measures are needed to attract the target group.

As a regionally active company, you should first and foremost rely on Google My Business to raise your profile and attract walk-in customers. With the help of this tool, you have the opportunity to fight your way to the top position in the search results and to successfully conduct online marketing.

Yet Google My Business is still a highly underrated tool and rarely used. In the competition on the local business market, however, it can make all the difference and lead to improved brand awareness for your business. Our team at seofolgreich takes you by the hand and helps you to generate loyal customers with Google My Business.

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What exactly is Google My Business ?

Google My Business is perhaps better known to you as Google Places or Google Plus Local. Behind the different terms lies a free free platform or interface with the help of which regional businesses can present themselves on Google. It is to be understood as a kind of management tool that bundles the various services of the search engine.


With a Google My Business entry, regional companies are registered in Google's digital business directory and can provide targeted information information. For example, details of the business can be published and the own location can be marked in Google Maps.


When an Internet user starts a Google search, your entry appears as an ad in the right-hand side of the SERPs. Thanks to the clever placement and the eye-catching design, the entry immediately catches the eye of the user and increases the probability of customer acquisition.


Info: When developing your website, you should make sure that the content is also accessible and easy to read for mobile devices. The majority of internet users nowadays use their smartphones to search for information, products and services. If you have optimised your company homepage for mobile devices, this increases your chances of acquiring customers.

How Google My Business works

Whereas in the past one had to rely on leafing through long telephone directories, nowadays the search for a suitable provider is much easier. With just a few clicks, the search engine is set in motion and delivers results within seconds. Through the Google My Business tool, customers find your company directly and can get a first impression of your service.

Advantages of Google My Business

Digitalisation has led to the majority of marketing activities being moved into the virtual space. After all, the internet makes it possible to reach customers regardless of time and place and thus to address a larger group of customers in a targeted manner. However, the great potential of the World Wide Web is now being used by so many companies that individual businesses are drowning in the mass of competitors. The Google My Business entry ensures that your web presence is well visible in the search results. As a result, you can increase your reach and, in particular, draw the attention of walk-in customers to your existence and activities.

Reaching the target group better

If the Google My Business listing is well designed, it adds to your professionalism and promotes the trust that customers have in your brand and services. In addition, the outbreak of the corona virus has contributed to consumers increasingly distancing themselves from global players and large corporations and instead focusing on regional offerings. Google My Business makes it possible for you to present yourself as a local provider and to push yourself into the consciousness of the local target group.

Over 1000+ customers trust SEOfolgreich

Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself. Over 1000+ companies trust SEOfolgreich. We convince with competence and passion.
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How SEO can successfully optimise the Google My Business entry

The relevance of Google My Business for Local SEO is well known. For this reason, in 2021 it is no longer enough to have a Google My Business entry - you must optimise your Google My Business to the maximum! All kinds of instructions can be found on the internet on how to fill out the Google My Business profile and enrich it with information. In fact, however, mere information is no longer enough to gain entry into the Local 3 Pack. You need to constantly update your Google My Business profile and promote it with strategic measures. On your own and without prior knowledge, this is an almost impossible task. However, with the active support of SEOfolgreich, it is possible for you to optimise your Google My Business and get the well-deserved reach. In the following section, we show you the steps we take to give your Google My Business profile the boost it needs.

The voices of our customers speak for us

Our holistic strategy allows us to achieve strong results with local businesses. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.
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"I came across SEOfolgreich on the recommendation of one of my clients. I have been looking in vain for a transparent SEO agency for years. With Timo & the SEOfolgreich team, I feel I'm in excellent hands for the requirements of an agency: friendly, uncomplicated, prompt, reliable and transparent. I get tailor-made solutions and without a doubt the best possible ones."
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"Top Local SEO Agency!
Every project was successful from A-Z. So far I have worked with many agencies in the field of SEO / Local but with seofolgreich it was uncomplicated, pleasant and just...SEO successful....;)
 - Thank you"

Patrick Zumstein


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"A great Local SEO agency in Munich. Their own listing tool is also excellent. So I have entered my company in all the important local directories and am listed everywhere, which has a noticeable effect on my ranking!

Samira Dalnodar


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"Thanks to seofolgreich, I have made it into the top 3 on Google with my website, both in normal search and on Maps (I'm at one there 🙂 ) a local seo investment that pays off. I get enquiries about it every week."

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About SEOfolgreich - Your sparring partner for Local SEO

Telephone directories are dying out - and conversely, the majority of local service providers act stepmotherly when it comes to their local online visibility. That's exactly what we're changing for you.

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SEOfolgreich is the result of 10 years of SEO experience combined in our very successful team of experts.

While search engine optimisation is labelled as seemingly the most unspectacular, long-winded and underestimated online marketing discipline, we have purposefully optimised more than 1000 websites in the last 10 years, both our own and those of our clients, and built several companies to 100% via organic visibility on Google.

What we enjoy is the process of "turning the tables" - slowly but surely drawing attention to ourselves with confident, realistic understatement. That - SEO - is our nature.

We are talking about the moment when sober SEO turns into an enquiry, turnover and success guarantor.
The moment when you, as an apparent underdog, rise to become an opinion leader and...

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Frequently asked questions about our Google My Business optimisation

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The Google My Business entry is free of charge. This offer adds an additional function to Google. Businesses are offered the opportunity to generate advertising for their own brand free of charge. However, if you resort to the ads, you will of course have to dig into your pocket.
If your company name appears repeatedly in search queries, Google reacts and automatically generates a Google My Business entry. Information is obtained from authorised sources. It is also possible that another person has made the entry. If this is the case, you must ensure that you are transferred ownership.

There are several reasons why your Google My Business listing may not appear in search results:


  • Google does not yet have your PIN confirmation.


  • Editing your company data can slow down publication.


  • Your business exists on Google Maps, but your ranking is at the bottom.


  • Your information violates the Google guidelines.

Fill out your profile completely and in detail. Make sure that all information from the web matches the information provided in the Google My Business listing. Enrich your listing with images, videos, reviews, FAQs and comments. Regular posts also show that you are active and will boost your position.

In connection with Google My Business, the term "Google Local Pack" comes up again and again. This term simply refers to the search results with regional relevance. The pack consists of three SERPs that are presented directly below the paid ads according to the location. Your goal should be to reach this top position in order to boost your visitor numbers.


Notice: Whereas seven places used to be displayed in the Google Local Pack, the search engine now limits itself to the 3-pack. Businesses that were not able to get the highly coveted places are hidden behind the "More Places" button.

Local SEO and Google My Business are inextricably linked. If you want to have a lasting influence on Google search queries, the full potential of both areas must be exploited.


Google My Business can be subordinated to Local SEO measures, as it is a means to achieve the overall goal of Local SEO: to appear at the top of search queries with regional relevance. Accordingly, Local SEO is about performing optimisations that help local businesses rank better in Google.


Improve local visibility


In 2007, Google began to gradually introduce local search. The search engine recognised that search queries increasingly had a regional reference:


  • 45 percent of Google users search for local information.
  • Two-thirds of Americans use mobile devices to access local businesses, shops, restaurants and institutions.
  • 71 per cent of respondents in a study said they use the internet to find out the address before visiting a shop.
  • Half of smartphone owners use the local search to look up information about the company.
  • Almost 90 per cent of users need to use local search for businesses on a weekly basis - 58 per cent on a daily basis.


These facts and figures show that the majority of internet users search for information specifically in order to actively seek out a regional business. So if you don't invest time and effort in Local SEO, you're letting a lot of potential customers slip through your fingers.


Use Google My Business for local SEO


Google My Business has primarily proven helpful for small and medium-sized businesses to hunt for customers. The businesses can draw the attention of customers to their own products and services and actively attract walk-in customers. With the help of their own location, SMEs gain a decisive advantage over large corporations and have the opportunity to turn visitors into loyal customers.


Even Google points businesses to Google My Business and recommends using the management tool to promote one's own visibility. Furthermore, Google My Business is considered a well-known ranking factor of the search engine and improves the ranking within Google Search.

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