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If you want to be found in search engines, you have to optimise your website to meet the requirements of Google, Bing, Xing and others. In addition to appealing content, keywords and a user-friendly structure, it is above all the backlinks that ensure traffic on your own website.

With our help, you can build a strong link profile to boost lead generation on your website. Our link building agency knows exactly what is important when it comes to "link building" and increases your visibility on the web in a short time.

We have studied the Google guidelines in detail and acquired tips and tricks through years of experience that lead quickly and safely to the desired goal. Because with our link building agency, the name says it all: We make you successful!

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High-quality link building - quality instead of quantity

In times long past, link building was extremely simple. Webmasters created countless landing pages in no time at all that delivered backlinks to the main domain. However, updates and the restructuring of the Google algorithm led Google to focus more and more on class instead of mass. 


Since many website operators have still not internalised this fact, it has been proven that a large proportion of links cause more harm than good to websites. In fact, quantity is the main focus and quality suffers from the large-scale generation of links.
It becomes apparent that with target-oriented link building, competence is required that drives a dense, but primarily organic and high-quality link structure.

Content, links and RankBrain

Google tries to keep the public in ignorance about the ranking factors. But even though the search engine has managed to conceal a large part of the criteria to date, some ranking factors have leaked out. For example, it has been confirmed that the search engine giant's top 3 variables are links, content and RankBrain. 

Since RankBrain was identified as the third most important criterion, backlinks are at least in second place.

It is interesting to note that the individual measures of search engine optimisation do not necessarily have to be carried out separately. In fact, backlinks and content are interconnected and contribute in combination to increasing one's own ranking.

Guest contributions

Website operators always like to use guest articles in magazines, news portals and newspapers. They are an effective method of placing a link to one's own website. Unfortunately, Google has seen through this strategy and sees this approach as a violation of its own guidelines. To avoid the sanctions, we advise you to define these links as Nofollow.
Nevertheless, this does not mean that you have to give up publishing guest posts. They are a win-win situation for both parties. However, you should make sure that you do not use this form of content marketing exclusively to generate backlinks. The articles should mainly be about your expertise and provide real added value to the readers.

Blog comments

Link spammers like to use blog comments to place external links. If these posts are not written in your own name, they can very quickly be identified as backlinks. Your intention is quickly revealed and declared as black-hat SEO. However, if you fuel the discussion with your comments and cleverly integrate the links into the conversation, these references will be considered positive feedback for your website.

Over 1000+ customers trust SEOfolgreich

Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself. Over 1000+ companies trust SEOfolgreich. We convince with competence and passion.
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Link building with SEOsuccessful - This is how we proceed

Our team is made up of marketeers and SEO fanatics who have turned their passion into their profession. We have been able to put the generally known theory to the test in countless projects and refine our technique and expertise. Since link building is a complex and demanding discipline, we focus on organic link building and refrain from simple and less effective approaches.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know that every website is an individual project with special requirements and characteristics. For this reason, we take enough time for each client and develop a link building strategy that is perfectly tailored to you and your website. We adhere to a strict process:

The voices of our customers speak for us

Our holistic strategy allows us to achieve strong results with local businesses. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.
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"I came across SEOfolgreich on the recommendation of one of my clients. I have been looking in vain for a transparent SEO agency for years. With Timo & the SEOfolgreich team, I feel I'm in excellent hands for the requirements of an agency: friendly, uncomplicated, prompt, reliable and transparent. I get tailor-made solutions and without a doubt the best possible ones."
Cem Bazer
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"Top Local SEO Agency!
Every project was successful from A-Z. So far I have worked with many agencies in the field of SEO / Local but with seofolgreich it was uncomplicated, pleasant and just...SEO successful....;)
 - Thank you"

Patrick Zumstein

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"A great Local SEO agency in Munich. Their own listing tool is also excellent. So I have entered my company in all the important local directories and am listed everywhere, which has a noticeable effect on my ranking!

Samira Dalnodar

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"Thanks to seofolgreich, I have made it into the top 3 on Google with my website, both in normal search and on Maps (I'm at one there 🙂 ) a local seo investment that pays off. I get enquiries about it every week."

Maria Boger

About SEOfolgreich - Your sparring partner for Local SEO

Telephone directories are dying out - and conversely, the majority of local service providers act stepmotherly when it comes to their local online visibility. That's exactly what we're changing for you.

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SEOfolgreich is the result of 10 years of SEO experience combined in our very successful team of experts.

While search engine optimisation is labelled as seemingly the most unspectacular, long-winded and underestimated online marketing discipline, we have purposefully optimised more than 1000 websites in the last 10 years, both our own and those of our clients, and built several companies to 100% via organic visibility on Google.

What we enjoy is the process of "turning the tables" - slowly but surely drawing attention to ourselves with confident, realistic understatement. That - SEO - is our nature.

We are talking about the moment when sober SEO turns into an enquiry, turnover and success guarantor.
The moment when you, as an apparent underdog, rise to become an opinion leader and...

This is how a cooperation with us works

You want more local visibility for more customer enquiries? Then we can help you! Fill out the contact form and request a no-obligation consultation.

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Fill out contact form

Leave us your contact details in the contact form. Please include the website URL to be optimised so that we can analyse your website directly.
Step 2

Free consultation

If our initial analysis reveals potential, we will schedule a non-binding consultation. In the call, you will learn about our individual strategy and receive an offer for implementation.
Step 3

Ongoing Strategy Implementation

After the consultation and your commitment, we start with the ongoing strategy implementation to continuously increase your local visibility.

Frequently asked questions about us as a link building agency

Background pattern

A professional link building agency always operates within the legal boundaries and works flat out to realise the goals of its clientele.


In addition to sophisticated strategies and individual measures, the agency stands for transparency and provides clients with regular reports.

No universal answer can be given to this question. Each client is characterised by individual prerequisites and requirements.


For this reason, we do not offer flat-rate prices and prefer to provide you with a customised offer for your website.

As the saying goes: "All roads lead to Rome". Our services include countless search engine optimisation offers.


From outreach to content marketing campaigns to customised solutions, we leave no stone unturned to guide you to your goals.

In the first step of our link building strategy, we analyse your initial situation and create a detailed link profile of your website. Subsequently, we examine the link profile of the competition and derive industry-relevant procedures.


Based on this preliminary work, we then develop an individual link building strategy that will drive your website's traffic to record levels.

Due to the incredible mass of web pages, the search engines were forced to come up with a suitable strategy to determine the order of the displayed search results. For this reason, Google sends its crawlers and scans the websites for relevant ranking factors. These are criteria that influence the placement within the SERPs.


The American company Google repeatedly provides small insights into the applied algorithm and thus enables webmasters to take appropriate measures.


Link building is essential for search engine optimisation. This term refers to the building of backlinks and internal links. Link building belongs to the external influencing factors of search engine optimisation and accordingly to off-page optimisation. With link building, you receive backlinks from external pages that refer to your own website. This is considered a recommendation by Google and increases the trust and relevance of the website. As a result, the ranking of the website is positively influenced and the visibility for internet users improves. 


As a rule, you need time and patience for organic link building. Established websites have invested several years in their link profile and fought hard for every single backlink. With us at your side, you can speed up the process and give your website that decisive boost.

Many website operators are of the opinion that they can carry out the necessary steps on their own. But already at the beginning there are big differences to a professional link building agency. While the agency proceeds according to an established schedule and its approach is based on expert knowledge and extensive practical experience, untrained people proceed indiscriminately. If you place the link building of your website in the capable hands of our link building agency seofolgreich, we guarantee that the measures introduced will bear fruit and not come to nothing.


Sustainable way of working


A number of factors play an important role in organic link building. However, the highest priority should be given to the Google guidelines. After all, the American company sets the rules of the game. For this reason, our experts make sure to always be familiar with the latest Google updates and to have internalised the criteria of relevant backlinks as well as decisive ranking factors. With our guidance, you will not run the risk of suffering from Google sanctions and losing your position.

Through our clever and effective approach, we not only work on your link building, but also increase the number of visitors to your website at the same time. Due to the continuously growing traffic, you can expect your turnover to skyrocket in the long term.


Individual for your needs


In the classic link building agency, employees work together on a variety of projects. The advantage of this is that each employee has a certain idea of your job, but no one knows the project in detail.


We are not a fan of this way of working, as client satisfaction is the highest priority for our link building agency. At seofolgreich, every client is assigned a personal contact person. This person is deeply immersed in the subject matter and can rightly be called an expert in your link building strategy. Through regular exchange and intensive cooperation, a deep understanding of your wishes and personal milestones develops.


Your individual consultant understands how your business model works, is aware of your USPs, products and processes and knows which levers to pull to build your link profile step by step.


Many years of experience


Our team has been working together successfully for several years and has extensive practical knowledge and experience. Since link building always has to be considered in context, our team has plenty of expertise in other disciplines. Finally, only a complete understanding of marketing and holistic SEO expertise leads to the fact that synergy effects can be used.


Absolute experts


Unfortunately, our clients repeatedly report on previous experiences that have burned themselves negatively into the memory and worsened the image of the linkbuilding agency. Flimsy analyses were carried out with superficial knowledge. The prompted actions of these providers led to low-quality link building that alerted Google's "backlink police".


Our link building agency is made up of a capable team of experts and specialists. Seofolgreich stands for competence and professionalism and will leave no stone unturned to turn dreams into reality.

Google penalises the purchase of backlinks. If there is a suspicion that your link building did not happen naturally, this can have serious consequences for you. Since link building usually takes several years, buying or renting backlinks has become normalised.


If you also use these means, it is less important to pay attention to the price than to the quality. Cheap links are inferior and set off Google's alarm bells. Moreover, they do not lead to an increase in your domain authority. For this reason, the buzzword of the hour is "quality assurance". Before you commit to renting or buying backlinks, you should check whether the provider delivers measurable results tailored to your individual needs.

Get your free consultation now.

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