Local SEO Cologne - for small and medium-sized enterprises

With a professional website, you can help your business grow and gain a larger customer base. If you are present and manage to position your website well in the Google ranking, this has a direct impact on your turnover.

As a small and medium-sized company, you have the opportunity to hit the citizens of Cologne right in the heart with your offer and really knock their socks off.

 You want to know how? SEOfolgreich explains how Local SEO in Cologne works.

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Over 1000+ customers trust SEOfolgreich

Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself. Over 1000+ companies trust SEOfolgreich. We convince with competence and passion.
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We sustainably increase your business with local SEO in Cologne

In the 21st century, both large and small and medium-sized businesses depend on using the internet for advertising purposes. In addition to the classic methods of online marketing, search engine optimisation has increasingly become a booster for traders.


For small and medium-sized companies, it has also proven effective to concentrate search engine optimisation on their own location. With a local SEO strategy, you are accordingly able to reach customers in your immediate vicinity and attract them to your business premises.


As a Local SEO agency, our team at SEOfolgreich has made it our mission to support SMEs. Hand in hand, we develop solutions for your company that will help your site gain more visibility.

Your advantages of Local SEO with SEOfolgreich

Many entrepreneurs think they can manage SEO without the help of service providers. In most cases, however, this project already fails in the initial phase. Search engine optimisation is a broad field that encompasses many areas: technical SEO, content, keywords and much more.


The flood of information from the individual sub-areas is not easy to digest and often the towel is thrown in relatively quickly. Local SEO is written off as a high effort without actual results. A fatal mistake! Because with the right SEO agency Cologne on your side, you can effectively work on your brand awareness with Local SEO.


Our team at SEOfolgreich is made up of SEO strategists, passionate marketers and content professionals. Our large client base has allowed us to gain experience in various sectors and business areas and we can now proudly say that we have acquired a large repertoire of knowledge. We have taken a look behind the scenes and understand the levers that need to be pulled to attract and retain new customers.

By working with our SEO agency in Cologne, you enjoy unbeatable advantages:


  • The internet presence:
  • Effects on Google ranking and presence in company portals
  • Increase website visits
  • Higher visibility in business directories, navigation systems and apps
  • Marketing:
  • Improving competitiveness
  • Promoting local findability
  • Increasing the range
  • The brand:
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increasing trust through active online reputation management
  • The customers:
  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Higher chance of referrals

SEO Agency Cologne - Services at a glance

With Local SEO in Cologne - increase the local visibility of your business. Here you will find an overview of our services.

We list you in over 40 local business directories to make you visible to your customers on the web.

We create texts for your website that Google will love.

We make your company more visible through targeted press work.

We strengthen your website through targeted mentions on other websites, such as magazines or news sites.

We optimise your Google my Business listing for more local visibility.

We take over the SEO optimisation of your company over a monthly period.

We take over your reputation management and ensure you have a good external reputation.

We reveal the most important tips for local search engine optimisation in our Local SEO course. Become an SEO expert.

We place high-performance Google ads for more qualified enquiries from searchers.

Successful with SEO in Cologne profit from Local SEO

If you spend your budget in the right place, you will achieve your goals. Half-hearted attempts and inconsistent practices are just throwing your money away.

SEOfolgreich has dived deep into the world of local search engine optimisation to understand your market, your audience and the Google algorithms that interest you. 


With your consent, we transfer our success strategy to your company and help you to increase your presence in the search engines.

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The voices of our customers speak for us

Our holistic strategy allows us to achieve strong results with local businesses. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.
Trustpilot rating
"I came across SEOfolgreich on the recommendation of one of my clients. I have been looking in vain for a transparent SEO agency for years. With Timo & the SEOfolgreich team, I feel I'm in excellent hands for the requirements of an agency: friendly, uncomplicated, prompt, reliable and transparent. I get tailor-made solutions and without a doubt the best possible ones."
Cem Bazer
Trustpilot rating
"Top Local SEO Agency!
Every project was successful from A-Z. So far I have worked with many agencies in the field of SEO / Local but with seofolgreich it was uncomplicated, pleasant and just...SEO successful....;)
 - Thank you"

Patrick Zumstein


Trustpilot rating
"A great Local SEO agency in Munich. Their own listing tool is also excellent. So I have entered my company in all the important local directories and am listed everywhere, which has a noticeable effect on my ranking!

Samira Dalnodar


Trustpilot rating

"Thanks to seofolgreich, I have made it into the top 3 on Google with my website, both in normal search and on Maps (I'm at one there 🙂 ) a local seo investment that pays off. I get enquiries about it every week."

Maria Boger


About SEOfolgreich - Your sparring partner for Local SEO in Cologne

Telephone directories are dying out - and conversely, the majority of local service providers act stepmotherly when it comes to their local online visibility. That's exactly what we're changing for you.

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Christoph Woodpecker

Founder & SEO Expert

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Timo Woodpecker

Founder & SEO Expert


Nick Behn

Founder & SEO Expert

SEOfolgreich is the result of 10 years of SEO experience combined in our very successful team of experts.

While search engine optimisation is labelled as seemingly the most unspectacular, long-winded and underestimated online marketing discipline, we have purposefully optimised more than 1000 websites in the last 10 years, both our own and those of our clients, and built several companies to 100% via organic visibility on Google.

What we enjoy is the process of "turning the tables" - slowly but surely drawing attention to ourselves with confident, realistic understatement. That - SEO - is our nature.

We are talking about the moment when sober SEO turns into an enquiry, turnover and success guarantor.
The moment when you, as an apparent underdog, rise to become an opinion leader and...

This is how a cooperation with us works

You want more local visibility for more customer enquiries? Then we can help you! Fill out the contact form and request a no-obligation consultation.

Step 1

Fill out contact form

Leave us your contact details in the contact form. Please include the website URL to be optimised so that we can analyse your website directly.
Step 2

Free consultation

If our initial analysis reveals potential, we will schedule a non-binding consultation. In the call, you will learn about our individual strategy and receive an offer for implementation.
Step 3

Ongoing Strategy Implementation

After the consultation and your commitment, we start with the ongoing strategy implementation to continuously increase your local visibility.

Frequently asked questions about Local SEO Agency Cologne

Background pattern

Local SEO is a subcategory of classic search engine optimisation. In fact, it is a kind of specialisation. Because while conventional SEO covers all ways and means to promote the presence of the company's own website in the search engines, local SEO focuses exclusively on the measures in a specific region, city or area.


Thus, with the help of OffPage SEO and OnPage SEO, it is ensured that the ranking in Google, Bing, Xing and Co. improves for relevant search terms in the local SERPs. If you approach this project strategically, your website will appear more prominently in regional search queries.


It is important that you understand that progress does not happen overnight. Local search engine optimisation is a process that requires time, work and perseverance. The measures taken usually only become noticeable after months. When the first changes become visible, it is important to carry out an SEO analysis. Based on this, an evaluation of the SEO strategy should be carried out and, under certain circumstances, individual points should be revised and adjusted. If you stick to our battle plan, you will get closer and closer to your personal goals.


Three important building blocks of Local SEO


Search engines like Google have developed various factors over time that act as evaluation criteria. Because this is the only way to determine the order within the SERPs in a fair way. In the meantime, the list of ranking factors has grown to over 200. Technical aspects are examined, but the user-friendliness of the websites also plays a decisive role on the internet.


With the introduction of smartphones, consumers now have the ability to launch searches on the go. This has made it clear that customers are not always looking for general information. The Internet is primarily used to find solutions to current problems and questions.


You can imagine it like this: A passer-by is strolling through the pedestrian zone and feels hungry. He pulls his smartphone out of his pocket and uses the "Nearby" search queries to find a restaurant that is close by and has an attractive offer. This example can be extended to shops and service providers and explains why local search engine optimisation is so relevant.


It now appears that there are three important building blocks that are responsible for you showing up in customers' searches and piquing their interest:


  • Attractive images: By providing your website with up-to-date and meaningful images, you will catch the eye of your customers. Especially in local directories such as Google My Business, media contribute to the positive image of a company. But be careful! The photos should be of excellent quality and present your business in a positive light. This is the only way to increase the likelihood that consumers will choose your offer.
  • Google My Business / Google Maps entry: Google My Business is a Google service and is therefore inextricably linked to the search engine. If you have created a GMB entry, it will be presented to users when they use relevant search terms. Your products and services are thus increasingly in the customers' field of vision. Furthermore, there is an interface between your Google My Business entry and Google Maps. This means that customers can use the navigation of the famous search engine to get to your business - without having to enter an address or go to any trouble.
  • Positive ratings: Trust is good, control is better - Internet users live by this motto. Before a service is used or a product is ordered, the experiences of other customers are checked. Reviews can be left in rating portals or on platforms such as Amazon and Google. These should serve as a point of reference for potential clients. With good rating management, you can ensure a positive online reputation. This increases the trust of users in your brand and promotes increased sales.

Smartphones are our daily companion and support us in all aspects of life. It was found that the number of mobile search queries has risen continuously in recent years. Furthermore, it shows that almost one third of all mobile search queries are related to a geographical location. This means that customers specifically use search terms such as "tutoring in Cologne" or "bicycle shop nearby". It is also interesting that three quarters of the people who started a local search with their smartphone actually visit the selected shop within the next 24 hours.

These statistics give a good indication of the importance of Local SEO. Society has developed immensely in recent years and those who still stick to classic online marketing and do not appreciate the work of SEO agencies will go under in the international economic market in the long run.

Local SEO is worthwhile for all companies and freelancers who want to attract customers from the immediate vicinity. Businesses with a physical location derive a particular advantage from Local SEO. Craftsmen, lawyers, doctors or hairdressers, for example, depend on customers who are in the same region. Thus, it is highly unlikely that a consumer from Munich will go to the salon of a Cologne hair stylist. Similarly, an electrician from Hamburg will refuse the order from a customer in Dresden. After all, the travelling time in this example is disproportionate to the profit. If you belong to these professional groups, an SEO agency in Cologne can ensure that the SEO measures reach the right target group.


Furthermore, website optimisation can also pay off for small and medium-sized enterprises. These are often overshadowed by large corporations and global players and cannot compete with the sophisticated marketing strategies of the professionals. With a suitable niche product and Local SEO methods, your SME is put in the spotlight.


Freelancers - such as notaries, lawyers and doctors - are subject to major legal restrictions. No marketing campaigns can be run and advertising is also prohibited for these professions. Local SEO is therefore often the only way to attract new clients and patients.


Have we been able to arouse your curiosity and ambition to give your website the attention you deserve? Then take advantage of our free initial consultation and benefit from individual advice.

If you spend your budget in the right place, you will achieve your goals. Half-hearted attempts and inconsistent practices are just throwing your money away.

SEOfolgreich has dived deep into the world of local search engine optimisation to understand your market, your audience and the Google algorithms that interest you. With your consent, we transfer our success strategy to your business and help you increase your presence in the search engines.

Local SEO is an effective way to get more exposure in Google search results and attract prospects to your website. Through local targeting, you are also able to lead customers specifically to your business premises. If this is your goal, the question can be answered with a clear "yes". Provided that your localities are in Cologne and you have aligned your Local SEO strategy to Cologne.

It becomes problematic when the website is used exclusively as a digital business card. Without incentives to buy, updates and direct signposts, it will be difficult to keep the interest of the clientele.

We make no false guarantees and want to be completely open and transparent with you. We can't promise you that you'll be ranked #1 in the search results. What we can predict, however, is that we will gradually optimise your website for certain keywords. Individual subpages of your website will thus position themselves better and move into the top 20, top 10 and even top 5 of the SERPs.

However, we would like to point out that this will not be the case for all keywords. Depending on your industry and the existing competition, this can turn out to be a highly complex process and sometimes even extremely unlikely. We consider an SEO agency that does not play with open cards and makes promises that cannot be kept to be extremely dubious. Our cooperation is based on honesty and trust - values that our previous clients have greatly appreciated.

Over the years, Google has developed a series of evaluation criteria that serve as a point of reference for the classification. For you, this means that you don't need a new website, but a technically and content-wise well-positioned homepage. Factors such as loading speed, barrier-free presentation, clarity, user-friendliness and unique content flow into Google's evaluation and determine your "overall grade".

As an SEO agency in Cologne, we dedicate ourselves to an SEO analysis of your website in the first step and then correct the deficits. The optimisations concern both the OffPage SEO area, but also the aspects of the OnPage SEOS. If we determine in the course of our analyses and revisions that the amount of work is enormous, we suggest that you consider creating a completely new website.

We can't tell you when your company will take off like a rocket and stand out from the crowd of SMEs. Local search engine optimisation is a highly individual process that depends on your actual and target state. As a rule, it takes several months - between six and twelve months - until the first improvements become visible.

It should be mentioned, however, that economic, political and social factors can affect the results. Thus, the improvement of the positioning can be accelerated, but also slowed down. So you should have patience and perseverance and trust in our expertise. We know what we're doing and will do everything we can to satisfy you.

Get your free consultation now.

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